new year resolution
Here we go again, a new year and resolutions.. or perhaps the same resolution from last year’s list recycled. In any event, what are you going to do to bring your practice resolutions to fruition this year?
Is the …same old thing comfortable like a well-worn shoe? You are now use to the lack of revenue to make improvements to the practice. Does your team resist change because they fear being replaced? Does the dialogue with the staff contain the following phrases: ” The economy hasn’t improved yet?” ” We are usually slow this time of year.”
” I don’t want continuing education because I don’t need it at the front desk.”
” I call the patients and they do not want appointments.”
” Dentistry is too expensive for most of our patients.”
“We have had too much turnover and no time to follow up with our patients.”
All debatable statements, but most doctors just nod and go back to their private office, believing there is not much that can be done. WRONG!!! Here are nine points to ponder for real New Year Resolution:
1) Assess and define who you are as a leader.   Are you a micromanager because you feel nothing is being done to your satisfaction? Is this driving talent to leave your practice? Are you disconnected, allowing others to be the leader and resulting in lost control of your practice? Look outside your box to learn how to be a better leader and know your business well enough to delegate tasks and communicate your expectations to the team.
2) Re-visit your mission statement and the vision you had for your practice success.  Why do you show up everyday?  Where do you see your self in 5 years from now?
3) A Business Plan maps out your journey and is structured to keep you on track. Are you continually engaged in the Business  Plan for your practice, or is it gathering dust on the shelf somewhere?
4) Examine your recruitment and hiring system.  Are you hiring the right person for each position based on a profile of personality type, tested job skill capabilities, commitment to achieving goals and ability to positively communicate with patients and other team members?
5) Measure performance.  Do you have a system of Performance Measurements in place to measure your team’s ability to carry out their delegated duties? Without this system there is no accountability for systems success.
6) Examine outside your office.  When is the last time you looked at the external environment of your practice location? What has changed as far as economics in your community? Have new businesses opened or are there empty storefronts at every turn? Who is your competition and what  are they not offering that you could offer to patients? Do you have a Marketing Strategy?
7) Examine inside your office. When is the last time you looked at the internal environment of your practice? Need updates or a fresh look? Does your lack of newer technology define you as outdated and inefficient? Patient perception is everything.
8) Invest in continuous learning for your team and yourself. Change the message from ” I need continuing education credits for my licensing ” to ” I need continuing education credits to gain a competitive advantage in my field.” This included the entire team. Copy relevant articles from trade periodicals, magazines and newspapers. Present them to the team at the morning huddle and then discuss the next day. Take advantage of free webinars and blogs relevant to practice management and clinical information. Sign up for seminars and specialized training in clinical updates as well as practice management. The more ideas that you expose yourself to, the more likely you are to find the right idea at the right idea at the right time to change the course of your practice.
9) Review your fees.  Has your fee schedule been analyzed by a professional company? Is it updated annually or when appropriate? What do you and your team do to bring value to the services you provide?
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