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EFFICIENT ~  I bet you wish every member of your team worked that way, but they don’t …..

They try but they make a lot of mistakes, they don’t remember your policies and systems, they let the patients control your schedule, they refuse change, they make excuses that cost you a lot of money!

What’s a Doctor to do?

Job dismissal notice  Some would say fire them but if you do will the next one turn out to be even worse? After all, you took your time when you hired them, you gave them a personality test, and you called all their references.  You did your due diligence, they were supposed to turn out to be the employees of your dreams, not your worst nightmare.

Before you go writing out pink slips, stop and take a deep breath, ask yourself a few questions. Take a moment to reflect upon your actions, did they cause this reaction from your team?

Ask yourself ~

  • Do you have clear policies and systems? Do your employees have access to this information?
  • Do you have adequate training program for new hires, away from the hustle of the busy day?
  • Do you have regular team meetings and training sessions, at least two per month?
  • Do you have a daily morning huddle where you discuss that days schedule so you’re prepared?
  • Do you address problems as they come? When a team member makes a mistake to you take the time to show them how to do it the correct way or do you just get mad and scold them?
  • Do you inspect what you expect or do you wait until mistakes just happen to cross your path?
  • Do you give feedback on a daily basis? A positive or two for every negative said?
  • Do you attend Continuing Education classes together?
  • Do you let your team members know that you require a certain level of performance or do you think that if you like each other than it will all just work out?
  • Do you ever thank your team members for what they do? Celebrate successes as a team?

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