Increasing Efficiency for Dentists

Increasing Dental Efficiency for Dentists

Whether you’re ramping up your career in dentistry or you’re finding that you’ve reached a plateau with respect to your efficiency, we can help.

We understand that dental school has taught you the skills to be an expert clinician, but now that you’ve mastered that, how can you become faster and more efficient?

There are lots of ways to increase your production productivity, and it involves the team that surrounds you as well. This includes the trays that you’re given at the beginning of each appointment in preparation for certain procedures, to the instruments that you’re being handed throughout your appointment and where the tools are stored that you’ll be utilizing.

Dental Efficiency Programs

Laura Lisk has worked knee-to-knee with many dentists in her days as a Clinical Manager where her main responsibility was to increase production per hour (PPH). Her hands-on approach is effective and informative to help you move your practice to the next level.

Increasing Associate PPH

½ Day Shadowing Associate and Dental Assistant

Hands on Clinical Consulting (Full Day)  

  • Digital Pictures of Tray Set-Ups for Procedures Formatted in a Manual
  • Organize One Operatory – Set up for Efficiency
  • Assist with Flow of Instrument Passing
  • Assist with Coordination of Patient Appointments
  • Scheduling Template
  • Hands on with Associate and Dental Assistant
Increase Your Dental Efficiency

We can set-up your operatory to speed up your systems.