Tips for Making the Most of the Hire Personnel Job Board

Why did you choose to work in the dental industry?

Was it because you were looking for a career that offers challenge and variety? Was it because you enjoy interacting with and helping people?

Perhaps you have always had a keen interest in oral health, or a strong background in science.

Most of us would agree: dentistry is one of the most rewarding professions to pursue. Dentists and dental professionals provide an essential health service to the public. They are experts in their given field.

However, there are many essential skills today’s dental professionals must possess to excel in their careers, and these abilities stretch further than the scientific procedures and functions required to support oral health for patients.

Dental professionals must be creative. Working in dentistry requires a strong artistic element. After all, dentists are required to make creative decisions when developing and implementing treatment plans for patients, and they need the support of their team when considering the complex factors associated with these assessments.

Dental professionals must be flexible. Many dentists are enjoying the independence and flexibility established from working in private or group practices. While some dental professionals may choose to work either full-time or part-time within solo or group practices, the options do not end there. Dentistry provides opportunity to work in a range of avenues, including: public health departments of city, provincial and federal government agencies, community non-profit and educational agencies, research programs sponsored by universities, foundations, corporations, and more.

But perhaps the most important factor to a successful career in dentistry is this: dental professionals must be accessible. By pursuing a career in dentistry, you have opted to occupy a highly respected position within the medical community. Patients are putting their oral health care in your hands. As you build your career, you become a skilled, trusted, respected and sought after professional in the industry. Opportunities will present themselves, and it is up to you to decide what direction is best for your professional and personal life.

This is exactly why we’ve developed the Hire Personnel Job Board: to help you find and open new doors in the dental industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the Hire Personnel Job Board:

  1. It helps candidates get noticed by employers. Dental professionals can not only sign up for job alerts, but also create a profile, which showcases your professional resume and makes you accessible to recruiters. And you don’t have to be seeking a job to benefit. Creating a profile ensures you never miss the next great opportunity.Simply visit the Job Seekers tab on the navigation bar in the top right corner of the job board website, and select “Create your Profile.” You can then choose to create a public or private profile either by opting to connect through LinkedIn or by email.
  1. It’s exclusive to the dental industry. One of the greatest benefits to using the Hire Personnel Job board is that it is already optimized for your needs. We’ve filtered out the dog walkers and lunch monitors for you, meaning the pool of candidates you are accessing include only talented professionals in the dental industry.
  1. It will save you time and money. There is no fee for dental professionals looking to create a profile and receive job alerts. And for a small price of $65, recruiters, office managers and dentists can access our database of candidates, add their job posting, and receive applications right to their inbox.

 Go ahead and try it out for yourself. Visit us at to browse the latest job postings and create your own profile. Start discovering qualified candidates to fill your dental positions.

 Have questions or comments about the Hire Personnel Job Board? Let’s get in touch. And be sure to connect with @HirePersonnel on Twitter for the latest job postings.