Framework to Success

Your framework to success.

A team based Customer Service program for dental offices.

In this program, you will learn how to convert new patients, retain existing patients, manage an effective schedule, learn how to work as a team and practice together in small groups.

Each Module is customized for your office which is why we shadow your team beforehand to learn the differences that you face in your office each day. We also provide mock-calls and summarize the results for you so you can see the improvement that the program makes for your team.

6 Week Consultation Program


  • Office shadowing
  • Telephone audits
  • Call audit summary findings

Module 1: New patient telephone protocol

  • Why we come to work
  • DiSC introduction – understanding your patient’s personality
  • What is important to the patient and what is their concern
  • How to answer the New patient call and arrival techniques
  • Role playing

Module 2: Patient Retention

  • The patient’s experience from the front to the back to the front
  • What not to say
  • How to answer a question with question

Module 3: Playing Nice in the Sandbox

  • Team personality profiling
  • Boom, Bust & Echo at work
  • Handling difficult conversations

Module 4: Pulling it Together

  • Overcoming patient objections
  • Role playing
  • How to create an effective schedule
  • Financial treatment presentation


  • Office shadowing
  • Answering team member questions
  • Telephone audits
  • Call audit summary findings
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Framework to Success Consultation Program